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  • Welcome to visit Sanmenxia Haifeng Bearing Set Set Manufacturing Co. Ltd official website!   中文   |   ENGLISH


    Add:Sanmenxia Lakeside Industrial Park

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    Sanmenxia haifeng bearing set manufacturing co., LTD Is located in the Sanmenxia urban area, the new industrial park in the lake.Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, it is a joint-stock private enterprise with a high degree of specialization in the production of tight set sets, unload sets and rise sets.

    Haifeng Company has passed the IS09001 international quality system certification, and has the right to export foreign trade, the company has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, has a number of different fields of experts and technical personnel, and domestic well-known science and technology institutes to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation, for the company's development and new product development to lay the foundation.

    The company has high precision CNC machine tools, skilled technical workers, strict quality management system.In particular, the application of chemical treatment technology on the surface of the product in the tight set is a pioneering work.Haifeng products are listed as "inspection free products" by some enterprises, which can be comparable to the level of international famous brand products.

    The company to export and import substitution for the goal, in recent years, the market has been expanding, the products have directly entered the European market.The company has 80% of the products export and indirect export.In China, the use of Haifeng products instead of imported products has been accepted.

    Haifeng company with excellent products, good reputation, dedicated to customer service.