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    Daily maintenance of mill bearing

    Posttime:2021-05-07    Hits:562
    It is often said that kung fu lies in poetry, so does the service life of rolling mill bearings. The determining factor of the life of rolling mill bearings is our daily maintenance.Rolling mill bearings need to be regularly maintained and maintained in the process of use to ensure that the bearings can maintain normal operation and avoid accidents in the process of operation. Specific maintenance and maintenance methods are as follows:
    1. Check rolling mill bearings during operation
    Periodically listen, observe and measure rolling mill bearings according to maintenance procedures.Listening is to use one end of the listening stick to the axial end cover of the rolling mill bearing and the radial housing of the bearing seat, and the other end of the listening stick to listen to whether there is a collision sound and mechanical friction sound in the process of running the bearing.Observation is to observe the operating environment, installation location, vibration offset, lubrication and other conditions, whether there are bad working conditions.Measurement is the use of thermometers, vibrators, the mill bearing housing for regular detection.Using these methods, the rolling mill bearings are periodically inspected to determine whether the bearings are in normal condition.
    2. Check rolling mill bearings under static state
    Check the fastening condition of relevant parts to confirm whether each part is in the correct position and whether there is abnormal loosening.In addition, the bearing lubrication is detected to detect whether there is a foreign body in the lubricating oil.When the diameter of the foreign body is smaller than the small working clearance of the bearing, the foreign body can be agitated with the lubricating oil through the clearance.When the diameter of the foreign body is larger than the working clearance of the bearing, the foreign body will be crushed or ground into thin dust to adhere to the bearing surface or embedded in it.If the crushed foreign body debris is not embedded in the working surface, and enters the lubricating oil, it will aggravate bearing wear.So that the bearing fatigue spalling.Cause the temperature of the working surface to rise.The lubricating oil then loses its function.When the bearing fails, the foreign body is crushed or embedded in the rolling body, that is, the oil film will be destroyed soon, causing the bearing to be damaged when it works under the dry friction state.
    3. Check regularly.In the use of rolling mill bearings, it is impossible to disassemble the bearings every day, which will take a lot of time and damage the close degree between parts. We can set a period of time to disassemble the rolling mill bearings regularly, check and clean them, so as to ensure the safety of the machine.
    By making scientific and reasonable maintenance rules for rolling mill bearings, the service life of rolling mill bearings can be effectively improved, the accident rate can be reduced, the consumption can be reduced, the production time can be guaranteed, and the cost can be reduced and the efficiency can be increased.