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    A new process for rust prevention of imported bearings

    Posttime:2021-04-24    Hits:426
    After working together with related manufacturers, many years of production practice shows that the rust prevention between processes has been improved many times, and the rust prevention effect of spraying type is better.At first, the roller rust prevention was tried out. The semi-finished products and finished products were washed with sodium nitrite solution once a day. After 3 months, no rust was found in the sampling results.Spray type rust prevention process is relatively simple, the method is as follows:
    Equipment purchase and construction:
    According to the amount of semi-finished products stored, an intermediate warehouse shall be established. The ground shall be made of cement floor, and a walkway (about 1.5m) can be set in the middle to pass through the trolley with bearing rings.Put a storage tank of sodium nitrite aqueous solution at the end of the channel, the solution formula is 5%-10% sodium nitrite plus 0.6% sodium carbonate, and make a backwater ditch on the ground, and then stack the bearing rings on both sides of the floor, and a 0.6m corridor is left between each pile of bearing rings.It can be said that the middle library design is about 64m2, and the sodium nitrite water solution pool is 1m3.
    Process method:
    Every morning with sodium nitrite aqueous solution once, the water solution is sucked out from the pool by the pump, through the rubber pipe to the showerhead, like spray rinse bearing rings.The water solution after washing flows back to the pool from the backwater ditch. In the upper part of the pool at the end of the backwater ditch, a filter net is made with fine wire mesh and gauze to flow into the pool with textile dust and dirt.The intermediate warehouse should be clean and quality assured.
    The solution of the pool will be tested once every 2 days and supplemented according to the test results. The replacement period of the solution in the pool will be carried out in different months. From April to September, the solution will be completely replaced once every 2 weeks, and from October to the following March, the solution will be replaced once a month.